Soap Socks - Handmade Locally - 100% Cotton - Assorted Colors

Don’t know what to do with those scraps of soap, and don’t want to waste the last bit of goodness?These handmade 100% cotton soap socks are the perfect solution!! Simply slip your soap bits and pieces (or a whole bar) into the bag and use it as a washcloth.  The soft texture will gently cleanse and exfoliate without being harsh on the skin.  Hang up by the draw string in between uses.  The soap sock extends the life of your soap and helps you use every last piece with no waste!Perfect gift to pair with our soaps!Each soap sock is handmade locally in Carnation, WA by Patina Moon. Listing is for 1 soap saver crocheted  with 100% cotton. Approximate size is 4”x5”.  Make sure to choose your color!Soap not included

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