Fresh Orange Dish Soap - Plastic Free - No Waste

Fresh Orange Dish Soap - Plastic Free - No Waste

Clean dishes without plastic, chemicals or fragrances! Our solid dish soap is a 3.5 oz bar made from coconut, olive, and rice bran oils with fresh sweet Orange Valencia essential oil. Extremely effective and environmentally friendly, we are sure you'll love our dish soap!


Just swipe your sponge or scrub brush across the soap and wash!  To make the soap last longer be sure to dry out between uses, our self draining soap dishes are perfect to keep you soap lasting longer!

Add a bamboo scrub brush or self-draining soap dish in our accessories section.

The dish soap is available in 3 different flower shapes (random one will be chosen).

Ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, water, lye, rice bran oil, stearic acid, orange valencia essential oil


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