Chick Balm Salve - All Natural - Healing Salve

Chick Balm Salve - All Natural - Healing Salve

Chick balm healing salve is the perfect gift for your chickens or yourself!  This all natural salve is loaded with healing herbs.  Olive oil infused with plantain leaf, calendula, comfrey, and myrrh is blended with beeswax, vitamin E, lavender and rosemary essential oils.  This is one powerful balm!


Its especially great for very dry cracked skin (dry winter hands and feet!).  I also use it for my chickens, its great on their combs, wattles, and legs.  It aids in healing minor skin issues like scabs and dry skin.  


Each balm is .75 oz and packaged in a rose gold twist top tin. 


Perfect stocking stuffer gift or grab a few to leave in your coop and nightstand! 


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